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The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation known as MSRTC a corporation(Government of Maharashtra undertaking) is engaged in transportation of passengers throughout Maharashtra & neighboring states. MSRTC is one of the largest corporations of Maharashtra having a very strong infrastructure. It has a fleet of 17,500 Buses, 250 Bus depots, 450 Bus stands and thousands of trained personnel. The corporation with a view to get fixed revenue by way of carriage of Parcels , Cargo , Courier & Allied Material by using the carriages of buses, decided to appoint a “Authorized Licensee” by way of tender process . SKTPL having Hade Office at Jalgaon and rich experience in Transport field have been awarded the contract for three years w.e.f. 1st April. 2012,to be extended for further period with revised terms & conditions. also UPFPL is an SPV(Special Purpose Vehicle) for executing the contract herein after called as the company) has huge infrastructure a network of more than 400 stations at all the District, Taluka & Major Business Centers throughout Maharashtra. The Parcel Offices are made available to the company by the corporation on each & every bus stand of Maharashtra State. By virtue of the agreement the company is allowed to carry material on the carrier & inside the buses.

Services Offered By The Company..

1) Parcel Services -

The General Mercantile such as medicines, stationary, cutlery, motor parts & FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) weighing up to 40 -50 kgs can be transported under this segment. The parcels are booked on the bus stand & delivered from the bus stand. There are facilities of Freight Paid as well as To Pay. Most of the wholesalers, traders, general merchants are utilizing these services.

2) Cargo services -

The goods of high value such as computers, electronics spares, mobiles, sim cards etc. properly packed are being transported under this segment. These are booked on the bus stand & delivered from the bus stand.

3) Nano Parcel Services -

Parcels upto 1 Kg are booked under this segment. These are booked on the bus stand & delivered from the bus stand.

4) News Papers, Magazines transportation Services -

With the intention to fulfill social responsibility the company has offered transportation of News Papers, Magazines at meager charges. The company is providing service of monthly passes in this segment. All the above services are provided in reasonable freight structure.


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